Wednesday, 23 December 2015

chimera. | animu trashing myself.

sometimes i am asking myself; what the fuck has anime done to you? and then i realized, that it simply ruined my life (well, in a good way!). you should know that after being in some kind of 'my own world' when i went to highschool, i quitted watching anime and reading manga, because i realized my grades were getting down. but since a recent time i started catching up so much i missed in all these years, that i gotta feeling this 'own world' is coming back. but it seems that this time, i can sort them out of being fiction - and i know what is reality.

to be honest, normally no one would think that you could learn something from a cartoon or a series. but anime for me, is no 'children thing'. it really gives you moments or situations where you need to think - and where you start to think about yourself and your life. anime shows you how a good friendship can be like, and that having an argument with your best friend isn't basically a bad thing. but it also shows you, how important you are for your best friend. it shows you how teamwork works and how it eventually work out, when you fight even you already gave up. anime even gives you chills, thrills, feels and everything in between. and when i think about how i watch anime today - i'm asking myself how i even managed to watch them when i was younger. and...more i never ot feels out of it?

this time it seems to be totally different. like i have sympathies for all character. i laugh and cry with them (and as every animu fangirl does, sometimes i even ship them and cheer for their twinky twosome times hohohoh-). i really enjoy all the fantastic art and the more fantastic stories behind it. i love the characterdesigns. i love how easily you can also learn japanese with anime (of course not by only watching but also studying yourself a little). and maybe that's also a point why i start loving anime so much. it's just.... that i started to find myself a hobby again - even this hobby means sitting in front of the internet for around 1h a day just to watch the newest episodes of the seasons animes i am watching. but i really like it. and i really like how i also found new friends due to that. strikey. so...maybe anime hasn't ruined my life completely? i mean it somehow... make it better?
nah well, take your own guess. but i can say that i really really enjoy this stupid ass animation from japan. it's like my number one hobby and my number one topic on twitter for about a year. and i don't even mind that it may annoy someone.

oh, just a rant by my side.... does anyone else who watches anime a lot has this feeling that when hearing a specific seiyuu you directly associate it with a character? it's like sometimes so annoying but so funny! like kamiya hiroshi for me is always yato and levi - hirakawa daisuke is always free!s ryugazaki rei... miyano mamuro is masaomi kida and...uchiyama kouki is tsukishima kei?! like everytime i hear them elsewhere i see all these character - it's so weird! :D
when i think about that a year ago i always said 'how can people even hear the differences in japanese seiyuus, they all sound the same, i'll never be able to do that!' and now i'm like this... i feel like i am total trash now. lol.

jaaa, ne! that's all for now.
i also wish everyone who's reading a wonderful christmas time and some kickass start in the new year 2016. may we meet this year! maybe?!