Wednesday, 27 August 2014

aquamarine. | i am mature now.

did you ever had the feeling of having a cut in your life? i would say that until now my life went through different cuts and scenes but the middle of the year twothousandfourteen for me, was the biggest cut in my life.
not even because my whole environment changed, no, also because i finally got what it means being mature. i'm living in my own flat for three years now, but does this making me mature already? i have a job, earn my own money - does this means i'm mature?
it doesn't.
even i always thought i am. but one day, you will realize, there is this one day, there is this one moment, this one situation - it's not even a special moment - it's just a sign ; and then you know you are mature now. it's kinda sad to know this got me twentytwo years - but it got myself earlier than i already thought. anyway, in my heart i'm a still a child - and i always will be. but i can say that i can finally live my life on my own two feet. i am myself, nobody can change me. i got mature.

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