Monday, 30 November 2015

eve. | forever rest in peace.

hello everyone.
actually, i wanted to write an entry about the last anime i have watched, and how it bursted me to tears, how it motivated me to do my sports again, and want to go back to my old times, where i used to train in teams. but today, a very sad message dropped by and hit a lot of my friends in the neck out of nowhere.

consciously i used the songtitle "eve". because as may of you know, that was name of the fanclub from the japanese band "ADAMS". i need to admit, that i've never listened to their songs. i have never been to any of their concerts, nor did i never understood why people loved the band so much. but that feeling is something a fan never can describe. it's a feeling you can hardly share with words. being a fan, better said a fangirl, someone who really is kind of addicted to that one band or that one song - someone like that can be in all of us. in my opinion, getting a huge audience to love you, praise you, and travel around countries just to see you perform is something only a few artists can achieve. as i said; i never have been to concerts of ADAMS, but i brought friends there. i know friends that are deeply in love with this band. i know friends that travelled across europe just to see them perform. and i can see these friends breakin from the pain they feel in their heart as they heard today that one of the member of their favorite, loved band, just passed away.
let me tell you one thing. it hurts even for me. because when i read that somebody, that someone i know love so much, i can feel the pain as well. when you have friends that are as addicted with music, concerts, merchandise and getting tons of the best friends you could ever imagine out of a fandom or a single interest you are sharing - the most painful thing that can happen to you is to see, how exactly this is breaking. if you are a fan of a band, every dying message of a beloved artists will hurt you in a different way - but the point is; it WILL hurt you.

i've gone through vistlips accident a several times. i was afraid they will never comeback, after the year they promised they will. their manager died, tohya was in pain since he was driving the car while it happens - but everyone is alive. and they continued.

but shotas story is different. death can be cruel. and the most important thing is, that you'll never know when it happens. you can die in your sleep; your heart can stop beating ; you can suffer in an accident; you can get a stroke. you'll never know when. you can fight against it, but when your time has come, fighting is the hardest thing to do.
if you have any fans in the fandom of this band, please support them and give them a shoulder to cry their hearts out, as good as you can. not only when someone of a fandom dies, but also when something in their family happens. whenever they cry or have the most painful times of their life - support your friends - even support your foes. just be there. fighting alone is cruel. fighting just having someone, listening to you will be so much easier. you will never know  when something like this will happen to you. you will never know when your candle will be blown out. just give strength to people that needs you the most.

my condolences goes to every adams fan in this world. it goes to his wife, manager and nice soul aurelie, who was there for him everytime he needed support; especially in his last seconds. it goes to everyone who was working with ADAMS. it goes to everyone who needs it.
i've never known shota. i've never met him in person. but i hope he will spread his wings and collect some new friends in the place he is now.
may you rest in peace.