Saturday, 21 November 2015

pinnochio. | finding places.

yahallo! long time no see! or how my weaboo self would say to you now; hisashiburi da na!
wow, i just encountered that i was still running this blog and need to say that i was actually pretty confused that i was praising myself so much in the first posting (about how i'll post my thoughts now and then), but actually nothing really happend. it's a sad thing, though. to be honest, when driving to work in my car, listening to songs or just wacthing the raindrops falling on my front window, i always thought how much i wanted to go back to blogging. not because it's a thing everyone does or have done - but because twitter sometimes isn't the right thing to express some emotional messes or feelings i have and want to share with the world. especially something about my current additions. vistlip, other music i encounter, anime, cosplay and i could write about so much more. but i guess my main point still will be vistlip. because everyone can see, even also on this blog, how much i love them. and how... much i really need a place to talk about them. even it's only just a short review. even it feels for me like talking to myself. i guess i feel so much better for myself to start over again.
and who knows? maybe some of you just see this post at blogger and think: oh, this girl, she is posting something again?
well, not happening.
whatevertheless, i guess i will find my place again. and i'd be very glad if you will follow me.

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  1. Aaa~ I guess I was the one who has the thinking you've mention hehehe

    Actually I had the same feeling as you. My mind was full with things to write, yet none ever came up into a real post...and I was also looking for somewhere else to posts my thoughts...but in the end... I still come back to my blog (I left wordpress, tumblr, LJ, and ameba) hahaha

    I hope I will "see" you soon, back here or somewhere else ^^